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Institutional Research

ULJK Investment Research provides state-of-the-art Fundamental Research and Analysis of Indian Stocks.
The mission of our Research Desk is to deliver reports carrying unbiased analysis of true fundamentals that lead to a sound investment decision.
Covering 13 Sectors, our Team of highly competent Equity Analysts meticulously scrutinizes the economy,
industries and companies in finest detail to produce results that are exacting and impeccable.
We research companies meeting our Coverage Criteria, cutting deep into their operational processes and financial disclosures,
arriving at a fair valuation.

Morning Mantra

Up-to-date and relevant information, statistics and news are of central importance in the accuracy and success of all investment decisions.

Company Reports

Our Company Reports are the result of exacting analyses, following our rigorous Equity Research Methodology.

Economy Reports

By concentrating on an in-depth analysis, we are always in a position to respond quickly to market developments.

Sectoral Reports

ULJK Group provides extensive and innovative research with a balanced approach to both country and sectors.