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Institutional Trading

Our Institutional Trading Desk brings to our clients full-service trading capabilities through our expert team of Sales Traders.
Our efficient and effective execution capabilities enable us to handle complex trades within the shortest possible time span and also
facilitate effective price discovery, even in shallow markets. Our Code of Ethics are strongly ingrained in our Team,
therefore we maintain complete confidentiality of trades.

The Institutional Trading Desk is supported by a constant inflow of
deeply incisive research from our large Institutional Research Desk.

We believe in engaging our Clients in a healthy interaction with the Companies that we cover.
We facilitate exchanges between the business leaders of these companies with the CIOs and Fund Managers
of our Client companies through frequent Conference Calls, Management Meets and Road Shows.

In our Institutional Broking Desk we follow the dictum –
"Efficiency lies in doing better than what has been done before. Every time."