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Investment Scenario
The Environment

The world economy is today well positioned on the road to recovery.
Growth rates of countries which were reeling under the recession are now showing strong signs of revival.
Among these, India is certainly the shining jewel. Expected to grow at 8.5% in 2017,
with a robust financial system, the Indian economy is poised to be a leader in world markets for decades to come.
This is time to invest in Indian companies. But let us remember that pitfalls may still exist.
During the peak of the Bull Run, just when investors were sure things were working well,
the economic meltdown caused massive erosion of their wealth.
The key lesson here was that one should refrain from investing in equity stock without professional assistance.
What should they do to ensure that they do not go through this pain again?

The Solution

The solution lies in getting a professional Portfolio Manager to handle your investments.
Someone who not only understands the market upside, but knows how to protect your money on the downturns.
Invest your wealth with a Company which has been around for a long time and intends to be around for a long time.
See the track record of the Fund Managers and not just of the PMS product. Boom time returns can be misleading.

The ULJK Edge

Begun in 1903, ULJK is a group which has shared its history with the BSE for over 113 years spanning 5 generations,
servicing the needs of the Indian investor. Our focus has been on serving our Institutional clients.
Our large research team has built tremendous core competence in identifying stock opportunities for both Domestic and Foreign Institutions.
We bring the same quality of research and results to the discerning investor, who is serious about creating wealth